The same commitment to excellence, now rising in New York.

Founded in 2021, DMR NY Architects is built on the commitments that have distinguished DMR Architects for more than 30 years, with a new focus on growing in The Empire State.

At DMR NY, our energetic and dynamic professionals have the creative vision, persistent energy and dynamic ideas to bring to life institutional projects. Bolstered by a team of experienced and licensed professionals, we provide efficient designs that honor the identity and history of New York’s infrastructure.

Our Portfolio

PS 269K

Brooklyn, New York

PS 458K, Brooklyn, NY

PS 458K

Brooklyn, New York

PS 600R, Staten Island, NY

PS 600R

Staten Island, New York

PS 81M, New York, NY

PS 81M

New York, New York

PS 226X, Bronx, NY

PS 226X

Bronx, New York

PS 135Q, Queens, NY

PS 135Q

Queens, New York

JHS 162K, Brooklyn, NY

JHS 162K

Brooklyn, New York

PS 40Q, Queens, NY

PS 40Q

Queens, New York