PS 600R, Staten Island, NY

PS 600R, Audio Engineering & Makerspace Labs

At PS 600, Ralph McKee High School, in Staten Island, DMR designed a renovation to an oversized and underutilized machine shop to allow for space for an expansion in curriculum that would add audio engineering and makerspace labs.

The large open space was subdivided into two separate spaces each having distinct teaching functions. Designed with the goal of preparing students for state certification in the growing field of audio engineering and music production, the audio engineering lab consists of space for a vocal booth, audio console and student mini-consoles. The design allows for continuous vision from the passageway through a window, while incorporating considerable features to allow for sound isolation from the surrounding spaces.

The second space is dedicated as a makerspace lab which allows for a hands-on, creative, user friendly, “anytime, anyplace” learning environment.

This project is currently being completed under the management of Fassil Zewdou in his capacity as Senior Project Manager and Associate of DMR Architects.